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Hi there! I’m Alicia.

I’m the author of Everywhere God: Exploring the Ordinary Places which chronicles my journey of discovering God’s presence in daily life.

In this space, I write about all sorts of topics.

By day, I’m a middle-school English teacher at The Stony Brook School, sharing my love for reading and writing with my students. I’m also completing a MA in Christian Spiritual Formation and Leadership through Friends University. I graduate in May 2022.

I’m married to Brad (30 years!) and I’m the proud mom of Jake and Anna. I love reading, cooking meals for family and friends, drinking dark roast coffee, spending time outdoors, and planning for my next trip.

You can find me on Instagram, aliciabrummeler, or you can reach me at aliciabrummeler@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you!

4 thoughts

  1. Thanks for letting me know about this, Alicia. It’s really nice to hear about your life. We miss you all lots!


  2. Hi Alicia –
    I had no idea about your blog? Is it new? Unfortunately, my dream to write is still unrealized. I somehow can’t seem to find the time or have yet to make it a big enough priority. Congrats on the blog! Can’t wait to follow you on your blogging journey:)


  3. Hi Alicia,

    Sorry to hear about the hurricane affecting your home and the earthquake. At least the weather must be cooler than in Texas.

    Aunt Karon


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