Finding Space for God in Everyday Life: Do you long for deeper connection with God? Do you need some encouragement and fresh ideas for your spiritual practices? Join Alicia as she shares concrete, sustainable rhythms and habits for making space for God in everyday life.

Contemplative Journaling: Cultivating Quiet in a White-Noise World: Do you need a refresher for the way you go about your spiritual disciplines? Do you want to face your day or week knowing you’ve had a chance to center yourself around truths that really matter? In this practical, hands-on workshop, Alicia share some journaling techniques that she has used to grow her walk with God.

The Embodied Classroom: Drawing upon her eighteen years in the classroom, Alicia equips educators with doable, sustainable rhythms and practices that recognize students as whole persons.

Self-Care for Educators: Teaching can be exhausting and draining! In this workshop, Alicia encourages educators to pay attention to the ways they care for themselves by offering ideas that are life-giving and practical.


Alicia Brummeler lives and breathes at the conjunction of faith and learning. In the classroom, behind the pulpit, and as everyday scholar-saint, she winsomely communicates the practical wisdom of Christian disciplines for life in this world. She is both the teacher you want for your child (I speak from experience) and the spiritual mentor you want for yourself. 

Mark Tietjen, M.Div., Ph.D.

Bible Department Chair

The Stony Brook School

Stony Brook, NY

Alicia is passionate about teaching embodied persons—whole persons—and has transformative ideas about how to practically allow that understanding of human persons to guide classroom practices. I am confident that time spent with Alicia will enrich your students’ experience and also your joy in teaching.

Allison Buras

Dean of Grammar School

Live Oak Classical School

Waco, TX

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