An Everyday Liturgy for Ordinary People: What does it look like to experience God’s presence throughout the day—in our “sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking around life?” What practices or rhythms can remind us to pray, to worship, and to pay attention to the movements of the Holy Spirit? Alicia walks participants through a twenty-four hour day, sharing practical ideas for encountering God’s presence.

Contemplative Journaling: Cultivating Quiet in a White-Noise World: Do you need a refresher for the way you go about your spiritual disciplines? Do you want to face your day or week knowing you’ve had a chance to center yourself around truths that really matter? In this practical, hands-on workshop, Alicia share some journaling techniques that she has used to grow her walk with God.

The Embodied Classroom: Humans are embodied beings. What does this embodiment mean and how does it relate to Christian education?  How does recognizing human embodiment—in both students and educators—impact the way we teach? Alicia provides a theological framework for understanding embodiment; she also identifies some of the mistaken assumptions we hold. In addition, she  offers embodied practices and rhythms that help you create a flourishing classroom environment. 

Practicing the Presence—Teaching with God from First to Last Period: It’s a struggle to maintain an awareness of God’s presence in the midst of a school day. Alicia invites us to think about the hours of the school day as a framework for connecting with God. What practices and rhythms can remind us to pray, to experience the fullness of life with God, and to pay attention to the movements of the Holy Spirit in the midst of teaching, interacting with students, and attending to our various responsibilities? In this workshop, Alicia offers ideas that can be implemented immediately into your next teaching day.  


For as long as I’ve known Alicia, she has been a teacher concerned with the whole person. While education tends to trend towards hyper-specialization, Alicia’s teaching runs the other way towards a knowing that is both embodied and relational. This is equally true in her speaking: her talks never forget that, at the end of the day, we are people who have to sleep and eat and get along with others. In short, she is a master teacher who points others towards the Master. -Andrew B.

Alicia Brummeler lives and breathes at the conjunction of faith and learning. In the classroom, behind the pulpit, and as everyday scholar-saint, she winsomely communicates the practical wisdom of Christian disciplines for life in this world. She is both the teacher you want for your child (I speak from experience) and the spiritual mentor you want for yourself. -Mark T.


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