An Everyday Liturgy for Ordinary People: What does it look like to experience God’s presence throughout the day—in our “sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking around life?” What practices or rhythms can remind us to pray, to worship, and to pay attention to the movements of the Holy Spirit? In this half or full-day workshop, Alicia walks participants through a twenty-four hour day, sharing practical, doable ideas for encountering God’s presence.

Contemplative Journaling: Cultivating Quiet in a White-Noise World: Do you need a refresher for the way you go about your spiritual disciplines? Do you want to face your day or week knowing you’ve had a chance to center yourself around truths that really matter? In this practical, hands-on workshop, Alicia share some journaling techniques that she has used to grow her walk with God.

The Embodied Classroom: Humans are embodied beings. What does this embodiment mean and how does it relate to Christian education?  How should recognizing human embodiment—in both students and educators—impact the way we teach? In this session, Alicia provides a theological framework and identifies some of the mistaken assumptions we hold about embodiment. She also offers some concrete ways our classroom practices and rhythms can create an environment for flourishing. 

Soul-Care for Educators: Let’s be honest: many teachers struggle to care for themselves well, especially their souls. In this session, Alicia invites us to reframe how we think about the spiritual disciplines, which Christians have practiced for over 2,000 years. She challenges us not to view them as one more thing to do, but as an invitation to experience the fullness of life with God. She provides doable, realistic suggestions, gleaned from juggling a teaching career, family responsibilities, and daily life. Waco, TX

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