Everywhere God


Today’s woman wears many titles—wife, mother, career woman, sister, daughter, friend, roommate. At times, she can feel overwhelmed by the competing demands on her time. These demands often squeeze out a sense of God’s presence in the daily rhythms of life. She wonders, “How can I encounter God in the midst of raising young children or juggling a time-consuming career?Everywhere God answers that question by providing practical and thoughtful ideas for meeting God in the everyday.

This book is for anyone seeking meaningful connections with God in the midst of ordinary life. Its approach is accessible—each chapter focusing on a specific way to meet God—and highly practical, with suggestions ranging from noticing a beautiful sunset and thanking God for it to sharing a meal with family and friends. Readers will find themselves returning to this book again and again, seeking ideas and encouragement as they discover God’s abiding presence in the ordinary.

Everywhere God Exploring the Ordinary Places (Kalos Press) is available at Amazon.com and Barnes & Nobles.com. Copies can also be purchased directly from Alicia. Contact her at brummelerab@gmail.com for a personalized copy.