After being gone for three and a half weeks, it feels good to be home and back in my own bed. There is nothing quite like sleeping in one’s own bed!  I love how travel makes me appreciate my own space all the more.  Our family arrived home after a seventeen hour drive–ugh.  The last  four hours were the worst as it felt like we would never make it.  We did, and of course, Texas welcomed us with a blast of heat.   

There’s a lot to unpack about my time away, and I hope to do so over the next few posts.  Tomorrow marks the unofficial start of a new school year for me.  Even though this summer has felt slower and longer than previous summers, it still feels surreal that school will be starting in a couple of weeks.  For a variety of reasons, my thoughts have been focused on God as Lord of my life.  Am I allowing God to be Lord over all aspects of my life?  Do I trust him to be Lord of my future? my time?  my family? my work?  I find it easy to toss around the phrase, “Lord of all,” and a very different thing to really believe it and practice it in my own life.  But that’s my prayer for this year in particular.  I want to experience God as Lord of my life.

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  1. It’s great to read your writings Alicia. I’m glad for the time we had together while you were in Chicago. Keep on writing–I love to hear your story of how you are experiencing God in your life and what He is teaching you!


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