This past Friday our family took a short road trip to Dallas to see my brother, Nate.  You may be wondering how a trip to Dallas can count as a road trip, but since our families live so far away, and we go long stretches between trips north, a  trip to Dallas counts as a road trip in my book.  I’m also at that point in the school year when I need a little excitement to carry me until the holidays when we actually will travel north.

Fortunately, the tour my brother is on brought him our direction, and we were able to meet up in Dallas for the evening.  As soon as I learned we were heading to Dallas and that our time would include dinner, I made the very important decision to hunt for a good restaurant.  Dallas is not lacking in this category.  I am always on the lookout for a new restaurant to try, and TinStar did not disappoint.  My boss actually recommended this place as she knew our kids would be with us and we didn’t want anything too fancy.  My two requirements were good food and good atmosphere. 

The adults enjoyed a variety of fresh tacos from fish to steak to vegetable, and they all had tasty flavors. Chips and an assortment of salsas rounded out the meal along with some margaritas.  The best part for me was sitting outside and enjoying the beautiful evening weather and chatting with my brother.  The restaurant was located in a larger, outdoor shopping mall so other shops and restaurants were nearby.  In spite of our filling dinners, we managed to make room for some ice cream at the Marble Slab Creamery.

Road trips are important.  They create memories and break up the monotony of the everyday.  Sure, I love our family’s Friday night tradition of homemade pizza and usually a movie, but given the chance to leave town and connect with loved ones I am ready to go.   I might just need another road trip before Thanksgiving….

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