It is a well-known fact for those that know me that I like to make New Year’s Resolutions.  I think the main reason is that I like new beginnings.  As much as I love my routines and habits, I have enough of a sense of adventure in me to enjoy what I call “a fresh start.”  Really my resolutions haven’t changed all that much over the years.  I still struggle with the same issues so each year I resolve to try again and address those issues.  Take for instance my desire to not let my task-oriented nature drive me, and instead be more focused on people and relationships.  I’m at the point in life where I know this will be something I wrestle with until my dying day. 

So even though I know that some of my resolutions will look the same year after year, I am also a believer in seasons to life and each season presents new opportunities and challenges.  The past seven years have been the season of graduate school for our family.  As this season draws to a close, (Lord willing), our family will enter a new season.  I don’t know what this next season will hold, but I do hope that I face it with expectancy and a sense of God’s presence through it all. 

I spent part of today reading through an old journal from our last year and a half in Vancouver.  It felt surreal reading the parts I wrote about Brad applying to PhD programs and wondering where we would be living next. I would never have guessed Waco, Texas!  I expressed my fears and worries about the transition our family would experience, our finances, where the kids would go to school, and wondering what kind of job I would have.  One of the parts that really stood out to me was reading about Live Oak contacting me to interview for a teaching position.  I wrote, “It seems almost too good to be true.”  Who could have imagined such a great job for me and great school for my children?  Yes, God knew all of this, and his provision for our family was especially evident during that time.  My hope is that I will take that experience to heart as I face the uncertainties of our future once again, and trust that God has something just as good or even better in store for my family.

So welcome 2011!  I look forward to what you hold this year.  I want to read lots of good books, eat lots of good meals, savor family times and create new memories, trust God more and worry less, deepen relationships with family and friends, pray more, and have my heart softened towards others.  Oh, and squeeze in a trip to Europe! 🙂

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  1. Alicia,
    It’s always a pleasure to open up Always Orange and read your thoughts and feelings. It is marvelous how you have come to terms with who you are and hold joyful anticipation of what life has yet to bring. My generation started chipping away at giving women more room to think and feel, but your generation is soaring on mighty wings. God Bless You. Aunt Linda


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