Few announcements can fill my heart with joy at 6:30 am, but seeing the official words, “No school due to bad weather” does.  Today I find myself at home with the unexpected gift of a whole day to fill as I please.  I have already endured teasing from husband as to how many items I plan to check off my to-do list today.  He knows me well enough at this point to know that my mind instantly switches into a “what can I get done” mode when faced with some unexpected time. 

I have done some baking today and sorting through some photos, but mostly I am enjoying being inside and not feeling like I have to do anything.  Since the day off from school was a surprise, I didn’t bring home any papers to grade so I can’t even feel guilty about not doing school work.

As I write this, I realize that much of the United States is in the grip of winter storms.   Even the Dallas International Airport closed, and it hasn’t shut down since 9/11.  The weather I am experiencing is mild compared to many places.  The wind is blowing and it is cold, but the ice and snowy mix have all stopped.  In fact, the sun has peaked out behind the clouds. 

So today I am grateful for a free day which includes a warm house, warm drinks, and home-baked treats.

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