It has been awhile since my last post.  The last several weeks have been full, and finding moments to sit down and write anything have been few. 

I know it is “old news,” but I feel compelled to mention the royal wedding as part of this post.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching the event even if it meant getting up earlier than usual.    In fact, both Jacob and Anna wanted to get up and watch the wedding, and Brad, succumbing to family pressure, ending up joining us as well at 5 am.  I loved the pageantry, and the pomp and circumstance that surrounded this wedding.  I found myself trying to imagine some of the thoughts and feelings that must have been swirling through William and Kate’s minds. So many people were so interested in every detail of this wedding!  I also found myself thinking about Diana during the wedding.  Her life ended so suddenly and tragically, and I was saddened  that she couldn’t be present to see her eldest son get married.  On the fashion front, I thought Kate looked absolutely stunning.  I wish more brides, (and even women in general) would see the beauty in a classic, elegant look without feeling the need to reveal large amounts of flesh.  Finally, I was very impressed with the words of one of the bishops who gave the sermon during the ceremony.  His words were full of truth and wisdom, and I hope his words rang true with William and Kate as well.

Part of the reason for the lack of blog writing, is that our family is in the midst of considering a significant transition for our lives.  I can’t go in details yet, but needless to say, this has been consuming our thoughts and our time.  Brad and I were out-of-town last weekend, and then both of us jumped right back into our work responsibilities.  This past week was a full week, and the next few weeks look to be just as full as another school year winds down for me, and there are lots of end-of-year details to attend to.  It is at these times when I have to remind myself to live one day at a time.  My mind can spin in a thousand different directions, and the anxious thoughts can creep in so easily.

However, in the midst of all this uncertainty, I do have to mention one milestone.  Brad successfully defended his Prospectus this past Thursday.  Prior to Brad returning to grad school, I don’t think I would have known what this was, but basically it is Brad’s outline or plan for what he plans to cover in his dissertation. The Prospectus defense is with his dissertation committee, and it is the committee’s opportunity to make sure he actually has a topic and has thought through the ideas behind his topic.  Thankfully, his committee agreed with his ideas, and now he begins the process of actually writing his dissertation.  The biggest task is still ahead of us, but at least another step in this process is behind us. 

Today was a lovely spring day in Texas.  Usually at this point in the year, the temperatures are quite warm, and the house is closed and the air conditioning is running.  An unexpected cool front came through at the end of the week making today a perfect weather day.  I enjoyed my morning coffee outside, and spent a good portion of the day working in the yard and cleaning our garage.   A very ordinary day in many respects yet filled with moments of beauty and joy in God’s creation and completing jobs that needed to be done.

One thought

  1. Yea! step 1 of dissertation down, that’s important. We will be praying for you and the decisions you are making.

    I enjoyed having the windows open today, finishing a slew of school paper work stuff and getting to sew some. A wonderful day indeed!


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