It feels a bit overwhelming to write this post as so much has occurred and changed in my life in the last two weeks.  As Anne LaMott says in reference to writing, “just start where you are,” so that is what I am going to do. 

Our family has been in New York for ten days.  We pulled into our new home on July 28th, which was also our twentieth wedding anniversary (I certainly wouldn’t have imagined spending it this way twenty years ago!)  While on the road to New York, we also celebrated Jacob’s fifteenth birthday so this move included several special events along the way. 

As we pulled out of Waco mid-morning (not when we originally planned to leave, mind you)  on Tuesday, July 26th, tears spilled over at different points throughout the day.  Saying goodbye to our home and community was much harder than I anticipated.   Despite the late start to our day, I was glad we took some moments as a family to pause, and thank God for the many blessings we experienced in our Waco home . 

My time in Waco was not always easy for me.  In fact, it probably took the first three years for me to feel like Waco was home and to “settle down.”   During those early years, it was far too easy for me to find the faults and the things I didn’t like about Waco and/or Texas, and blame my frustrations on them.   I guess I was pleasantly surprised to find how hard it was to leave.   I can confidently write that I will not miss the extreme heat of Texas and the fire ants, which always seemed to find me whenever I worked in the yard.  The list of what I will miss is quite long:  my friends and work community, my church, Baylor, and Baylor football and basketball games—go Bears!, authentic Mexican food, The shops at Spice, my walking route, warmer weather in the winter and early spring, my garden, the sunrises and sunsets, happy hour with colleagues, and much more.  I know at times I poked fun at the fierce love many Texans have for their state, but I do believe a portion of my heart will always be soft towards Texas. 

I know in the days ahead that there will be rough patches here in New York as well.  Moving and starting over is never easy.  However, I am grateful for the warm reception our family has already received in the last week and a half.  Several faculty families have extended hospitality to us, and faculty kids have reached out to Jacob and Anna as well.  Nothing makes a Mom’s heart more at ease, than to know her children are being sought out by others. 

 Before I close this post, I already have a list going of some new favorites about Long Island.  I look forward to adding to this list in the coming days and weeks.

  • Finding a quiet, lovely neighborhood to walk Lucy.
  • Walking at all hours of the day during the summer without experiencing heat stroke.
  • Eating  dinner alfresco  at the Steam Room in Port Jefferson and overlooking the sound.
  • Settling into a new home, which also has a working fireplace.


4 thoughts

  1. Glad you’ve found some good things up there. I dislike moving so much, and I’m always glad to get settled some place. Feel free to send some of that cooler weather this way!


  2. let us know when you are up for visitors, we’d so love to come see you! AND, you are welcome our way, too…I think it is only about 2 hours. HUGS as you settle in!


  3. we are so excited to have you settled at Stony Brook and can’t wait to hear of all the new adventures. Praise the Lord for new jobs, friends and home ~~~ mom b.


  4. I admire your bravery and spirit of adventure. Look forward to reading about you and your familes new experiences.
    Aunt Linda


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