Today is a two-for-one-special–I am posting twice in one day!  Many have asked to see some pictures of our new house so I am including some pictures of the “finished” rooms (meaning:  room is painted, but doesn’t have all the pictures on the wall, etc.). 

Some of you know that an artist lived in our house at one time.  She was quite good, but we decided we didn’t want to keep all of the art that she painted on the walls.   The biggest transformation so far is the dining room.  The faux brick and monkey are gone, and now the walls sport Benjamin Moore’s “Barely Beige.”  I imagine if the artist could see the room now she would think it quite boring. 

                  Front Door

               Before:  Dining Room

                       After:  Dining Room

                     Living Room


One thought

  1. So glad to see the house with the fresh look of new paint. Your furniture in the living room with “THE FIREPLACE” I love.
    Dad and I sat here chuckling on the comments over the years of marriage.
    I can’t wait to get out there to experience Long Island, Stony Brook School and your new life there.

    Love to all, Mom “B.”


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