Welcome, fall!

I’ve written about my love for fall in previous posts, but I am especially excited about fall this year because I will actually experience a real fall.  I can’t wait to watch the leaves turn yellow, orange, and red depending on the variety of tree.  I can’t wait for the air to turn crisp in the mornings and the evenings, and require me to wear extra layers.  I can’t wait to light the first fire in our fireplace, and to listen to the popping and crackling of the logs.  Oh, there is so much to love about fall!

However, today doesn’t feel a bit like fall.  It is raining outside and very humid.  In fact, the house is shut up and the air conditioning is running.  So much for ushering fall in with soup on the stove, spice candles burning, and a cozy sweater around my shoulders.

Part of the reason I am so eager for fall is that I feel like summer has lasted forever this year.  Spring lasted for about a week in Texas, and we moved right into summer with lots of heat and no rain.  In fact, Texas has really been hit hard by drought and wild fires this year.  So while the rest of the country couldn’t wait for winter to end and summer to begin, I have been ready for the past several weeks to retire my summer clothes and to bring out the fall pieces.  My tee shirts are looking faded and stretched out, and I am just plain sick of them.  So even though I am not wearing a single fall item (do jeans count?),  I partook in my fall ritual of pulling out the long-sleeved tee shirts and sweaters and put them in my drawer  And I pushed all the summer tops and pants to the back of the closet, and moved my fall clothes to the front.  I even hung my fall wreath on the front door.

So, fall, I’m all ready for you.  Are you coming?

2 thoughts

  1. Amen! We’ve had two days that topped out at 80′ and that seems so wonderfully cool.

    I, too, am quite ready for fall, even the rather hot fall we get here in Texas. I’m a tad jealous for you — a chance at a real fall!


  2. Alicia, thanks for your post–always great to read it and walk around in your life. Fall is here in Chicago–63 degrees today and low of 46 tonight. Come visit the midwest, miss you Alicia!


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