Every once in a while, you read a blog post that stops you in your tracks–even if it is just for a moment. Lindsey’s reflections on Psalm 46 speak truth and grace. May her words speak to you like they did to me.

running in circles

The other day I turned on my audio Bible (aka the YouVersion app) to play through some Psalms while I puttered around the kitchen.  I’ll be honest: I rarely do this.  I’m a terrible auditory learner and I just don’t get that much out of listening to anything more complicated than a familiar YA story.  But this day, I tried it, and sure enough, out of the thirty or so Psalms that played in my presence, one jumped out into my ears.

If you’ve ever walked through the art section at LifeWay, browsed inspirational Bible quotes on Pinterest, you’ve read Psalm 46: 10: “Be still and know that I am God.”  It’s usually superimposed over a beautiful and tranquil nature scene like a calm mountain lake or a beach sunset.  But the reason I had set the noisy dishes down and was listening closely to verse 10 was because my attention had been jarred…

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