Every girl has at least one go-to beauty product that she must have in her drawer, purse, makeup bag, diaper bag, etc…

During the winter months, when the skin on my face feels tight, dry, and flaky, and my daily moisturizer isn’t quite enough, I reach for my tube of Ultra Repair Cream. I can still remember where I was when I purchased this tube almost four years ago. I was in Nashville, visiting my brother. We were at the mall doing some shopping. I walked into Sephora, desperately seeking a product that would give my dry, peeling skin some needed relief. The sale’s associate pointed me to a bin filled with tubes of this wonder product.

Reading the words on the front of the tube was reason alone to try it. Phrases like, “Intense Therapy,” “Skin Protectant,” “First Aid Beauty,” and “Safe for Sensitive Skin,” convinced me to try this cream. Plus, the price wasn’t bad. I think I paid $12 for this tube and it has lasted me four years.

After purchasing the cream, I found another reason to love it—it is fragrance free. While I like scented body lotion, I don’t like fragrance in my face creams.

Around Christmastime this year, I missed out on a chance to stock up on this product. Many companies put together gift sets during the holiday season to entice shoppers to buy items that they already love. Have you ever noticed, though, that when you purchase a gift set there is usually only one or two items that you really want out of the entire set? Anyways, the makers of Ultra Repair Cream capitalized on this concept too. I was checking out a blog that I occasionally read and noticed that the blogger had this moisturizer on her site. She was saying how great this particular gift set was because it contained two tubes of the same product for a good price.

I kept meaning to follow up on the offer and order the gift set. I never did. It was the holiday season, after all. Sometimes when I find myself at the mall, I wander into Sephora to make sure they still carry this product. It’s a small thing, but a bit of happiness fills my heart when I see the plastic bin filled with tubes of Ultra Repair Cream.

What is your favorite beauty product that you can’t live without?

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