Full disclosure: I am borrowing my title for this post from my friend and fellow blogger, Lindsey. You can check out what she’s doing at Running in Circles. Thanks for the inspiration, Lindsey!

On writing: My weekday mornings have settled into a comfortable routine. After a couple of cups of coffee and some quiet time, I head over to my desk to write. Usually I pick up where I left off on the previous day. I’m finding I approach my writing in a couple of different ways. I don’t write straight through until I finish a chapter. If an idea comes to me, I will write uninterrupted, but then once I have it written, I reread and edit what I wrote. Sometimes I go back to the beginning of the chapter to pick up the overall thread and tweak and edit as I read. When I feel stuck, I reread what’s already there, hoping for an idea to emerge. Another helpful rhythm I have discovered is to exercise after I am done writing for the day. I find mulling over what I wrote while working out gives me new ideas or turns of phrases to come back to later. Finally, now that I have five chapters written, when I tire of my current content, I switch gears and work on editing a completed chapter. The variety and change keep me mentally alert and engaged.

On saving money: I began this summer with a commitment to save $100 a month. The main way I wanted to do this was by reducing my grocery bill. Overall, I have been successful. I will admit, however, that the last two times I have been to the grocery store, I haven’t pulled out cash ahead of time. But I didn’t blow my budget, either. Limiting myself to one trip to the store per week makes a big difference too. (I cheated once.) I also emerged from Burlington Coat Factory fairly unscathed. I had some specific purchases I was looking for and, of course, found the cutest pair of wedge sandals that fit me perfectly in the process. I put them in my cart and carried them around the store for a while, but eventually returned them to the shelf. Yes, they were a good price, but I didn’t need them.

On summer: I mentioned in a previous post how glorious summer is on Long Island. Yesterday, as I rode my bike to the lighthouse, I marveled once again at the beauty of the North Shore. I never realized how much I enjoyed being close to water. In the garden, my first Gladiolus bloom is about to burst. Guess what color it is? Orange.

Blessings on your day.

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  1. Hi Alicia! Thank you for sharing! This is timely as I’m working on my groceries and cutting back. I like the idea of a specific goal of saving a certain amount. Good wisdom! Thanks for your note. Thank you also for closing up our house for us, etc. I did wish we had a little more time together. Have a great day–enjoy the rest of summer on Long Island! Dar

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  2. I got the “shorts” theme from a book of short stories entitled “Athletic Shorts.” I am not into sports writing AT ALL, but I thought that title was so clever! Blog-wise, it’s such a handy little format, isn’t it?


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