The daylight hours grow shorter and the temperatures turn cooler, announcing fall’s arrival. Every year I ask myself, where did September go? This year is no exception.

It’s been awhile since I have written about THE BOOK so I thought I would include a brief update and share some exciting news.  After spending the summer revising and cleaning up the various chapters, I sent the book back to my editor at the end of July. Earlier in the summer, we spent a productive Google hangout brainstorming ways to promote and market the book. In August,  I received a sneak peek at the book cover. Very exciting. Suffice it to say, orange plays prominently in the design.

In the meantime, I have received some lovely endorsements from authors I respect and admire. As I read their words, I am humbled and grateful. Others have agreed to give Everywhere God a shout out on their blogs and newsletters. Again, very grateful for these individuals. Finally, on November 1—All Saints Day—a day to celebrate all those who serve God in their everyday lives, the big reveal will happen. Whether it’s Twitter (@ReadingAlicia), Facebook (AlwaysOrange), Instagram (aliciabrummeler), Pinterest (abrummeler), or even back here—you’ll see the cover of Everywhere God: Exploring the Ordinary Places and hear the latest news about pre ordering a copy of the book.


Full. That’s the best word to describe life at the moment. Fall is always a busy season for me. I coach girls cross country in addition to teaching my classes. This year I added the role of dorm mom to the mix. Dorm life is obviously a key part of working at a boarding school and for the past five years I haven’t been a part of it. But this year I jumped in. Since I hang out with Middle Schoolers during the day, getting to know some upperclassmen is a nice perk of the job. I admire these young women. They juggle a variety of responsibilities. The bonds they form with their roommates and wingmates go deep. So that’s where Sunday nights find me, hanging out with these ladies and making sure they study and are ready for the week. Going to bed late certainly stretches me, especially since Mondays are some of my busiest days, but God’s strength has been real and present.


Applications. That would be college applications, round 2. Anna is right in the middle of it. She has visited several schools so far and there are more on the list to see. As a parent, the differences between my two children is very evident at the moment. For Jacob, the college application process was a more private affair. I know he consulted his dad for some feedback on his college essay, but that was about it.  Anna, on the other hand, wants to process this journey out loud. Last weekend we drove to the beach and I listened to her talk through the various schools she wants to apply to. We also talked about which college-essay prompt best suits her. When I am tired and don’t feel like I have much left to give, I remind myself that soon she will be out of the house and I will miss these sorts of conversations immensely.


Literature. My fiction reading has been lacking as of late. I started one book and ditched it after almost 300 pages. It was a long one. I’m reluctant to name it, but I wearied of too many subplots. The storyline also started to feel unwieldy. I picked up some nonfiction  and ditched that one too. Two books in a row! And an English teacher to boot! I did read a good article written by Alan Jacobs that appeared in Harper’s Weekly titled “The Watchmen,” which was about the role of the Christian intellect. The article gave a historical perspective and definition of an intellect and pondered who, if anyone, is filling this role today. I read this piece in conjunction with a faculty book group. The result was thoughtful, stimulating conversation. I’m looking forward to reading and discussing a variety of books with this group this year, even if I will feel a bit out of my league at times. At hearing some good press, I picked up Zadie Smith’s book On Beauty and look forward to starting it.


Lovely. The season of fall is one of my favorites. I love watching the colors change. I love the heartier fare that moves into our kitchens. I love the scents associated with this season. I love putting away the lighter colors of summer for the deeper, richer ones of fall. I bought a pair of plum ankle boots at the end of the season last year and have found them to be the perfect addition to my fall wardrobe. They are surprisingly comfortable to wear while teaching and look good with both pants and skirts. Even better, they cost less than $10.


For those of you really into fall, did you notice that I spelled the word? Too cheesy? Too cliche? Perhaps. Whether you find yourself relishing this season or wishing summer lasted a bit longer, may the God of all seasons—our hope, our anchor, our future—fill you with his grace and peace.

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  1. So lovely to read this and consider our fall season on either side of the continent! Today is Canadian Thanksgiving (Monday October 10th) and we are preparing a sit-down full-on roast turkey dinner for twelve – it resembles a military operation this morning! But by this evening – a big bowl of cranberries, pumpkin cheesecake and candlelight. I am thankful for my friends near and far, and that certainly includes you, dear Alicia!


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