It’s Monday. The start of a new week and a new year—2017.

On several occasions at Always Orange, I have professed my fondness for New Year’s Resolutions. Over the years, my practices regarding this tradition have adapted to fit my season of life. These days, I am more likely to set some goals for myself at the beginning of August to coincide with the start of school. But whether I am setting goals at start of a new calendar year or a new school year, I value the opportunity to pause and reflect on the “what ifs” for the coming year.

My  “books-to-read-in-the-coming-year” list is always part of this process. Like many avid readers, I have a book stack in my room. Actually I have two. One is on my nightstand next to the bed. The other is on my desk, waiting to move over to the coveted first-position spot.

Guess what? I have a book recommendation for your “first-position” spot.

If you are looking for a practical, engaging read, I think you will find Everywhere God, Exploring the Ordinary Places helpful. No pressure here. Just a reading suggestion as you think about the books you want to read in the coming year. Or if you know someone who could benefit from such an approach to expanding her thoughts on how to walk daily with God, this could be a great gift or suggestion.


And one more request. If you are currently reading Everywhere God (perhaps you are close to finishing it?), would you consider posting a review on Amazon or Goodreads? Reviews are a crucial part of the publishing process for any author.

Blessings, readers—may 2017 be a year where you discover God’s presence in unexpected ways in your everyday life.


One thought

  1. Yippee! I just ordered my book! I checked amazon some time in fall and it wasn’t there yet. Looking forward to reading it. I started your mom’s book before xmas and haven’t gotten back to it–just dropped Daniel back at school yesterday. I’m looking forward to routine again so reading can pick up. Have you read “A Beautiful Mess”, by Danielle Strickland? One I would recommend! Love you friend! Dar

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