A friend and mentor from my Chicago days, who speaks and writes, produced a DVD called Toddler Farm Singalong.  The DVD is shot at Cosley Animal Farm (Wheaton, IL), with lots of kids and lots of animals. When Jacob was little, I would take him to this farm to pick pumpkins and pet animals.

Ellen sent me a blurb about the DVD, which follows:  Toddler Farm Singalong is a 30-minute DVD filmed on an animal farm.  It includes favorite children’s songs, with narrative and dialogue in between. Some of the songs on the DVD are “Old MacDonald,” “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands,” “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” and “Rise and Shine.” Whether you play the Toddler Farm Singalong DVD for one child or a group of children, at home, in the car, or for preschool, it will  captivate little ones, inspire them to sing along, keep them asking to see it again and again!

You can find a link to an excerpt from Toddler Farm Singlong on YouTube: http://youtu.be/6axptp8YjA4  or you can check out Toddler Farm Singalong at http://toddlerfarmsingalong.com/

I also think this DVD would make a great gift (you know we did reach the halfway point until Christmas!) Here’s the deal:  the first  person to leave a comment on my blog will receive a free copy. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow!

2 thoughts

  1. OOOO, the joys of google reader, and reading blogs while drinking my morning cup of joe. And I have a budding toddler! Lady, I really enjoy reading your posts. You’ve got good things to say, and ways of prompting thought. Oh, yeah, now I remember, you’re a teacher!


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