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Forcing Forsythia

Signs of spring are evident in my yard. The outside temperatures may not be cooperating, but the daffodils grow taller each day. Soon their yellow cups will bloom. Snowdrops and crocuses display colors of white, yellow, and purple. The tulips … Continue reading

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This is the first time I have ever written about spiders. Perhaps I am feeling a little Annie Dillardish that l am inclined to write about eight-legged arachnids. However, in one week’s time, I have had several “spider” encounters that … Continue reading

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Pushing Up, Part 2

Back on February 1 I posted about the emerging daffodils under the Weeping Cherry tree. At the time, they were tiny little shoots barely poking through the soil. I wondered in my post what storms loomed on the horizon, knowing … Continue reading

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Pushing Up

It’s been pretty cold the last two weeks in New York—highs in the 20s most days. Cold enough that I found myself wondering what the temperatures were like in Texas. I remember days in January and February where the temps … Continue reading

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January Sunrise

The sunrises of the past week have been pretty spectacular. Colors of pink, yellow, and orange wash the sky with their beauty. This morning I was up early and watched the progression of the sunrise (my photo doesn’t do it … Continue reading

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Guidelines for a Successful (and Delightful) Camping Experience

Last weekend our family traveled to upstate New York to camp in the Adirondacks. We enjoyed beautiful weather (besides an early morning thunderstorm that passed through Friday morning), several campfires, canoeing, swimming, and a hike up Snowy Mountain. It would be … Continue reading

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Another Giveaway Opportunity

A friend and mentor from my Chicago days, who speaks and writes, produced a DVD called Toddler Farm Singalong.  The DVD is shot at Cosley Animal Farm (Wheaton, IL), with lots of kids and lots of animals. When Jacob was little, I … Continue reading

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