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The Virtue of Mundane Tasks

I spent part of two days cleaning my kitchen floor last week. The linoleum flooring is ancient and hasn’t looked clean in the five years we have lived in this house. Don’t get me wrong, the floor’s been mopped before, … Continue reading

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What’s in Your Refrigerator?

Last night I took smug satisfaction in what I fixed for dinner. I used bits of this and that to create a delicious meal. What joy! I come from a proud line of women who possess a remarkable ability to … Continue reading

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Shopping at Aldi: Love or Hate?

If I were a betting woman, I would bet that when you hear the words, “I shop at Aldi,” you either chime in with a “Me too!” or you respond with an “I can’t stand the place!” Aldi seems to … Continue reading

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Always Orange at Home

Week 1: Always Orange in the Kitchen With September’s imminent approach and many headed back to school, I decided that a series of related posts might be a fun way to mark this season. In many ways, September feels more … Continue reading

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Forcing Forsythia

Signs of spring are evident in my yard. The outside temperatures may not be cooperating, but the daffodils grow taller each day. Soon their yellow cups will bloom. Snowdrops and crocuses display colors of white, yellow, and purple. The tulips … Continue reading

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Second Sunday of Advent Reflections

Today is the second Sunday of Advent—a time of preparation and expectation. My Advent reader from Regent College (I am reusing one that was sent several years ago) covered the Isaiah 9:2-7 passage this morning. “The people walking in darkness … Continue reading

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Why You Should Read Bread and Wine

My blog posting has been sporadic for the past month. Easter Break, illness, hosting family, and taking care of life’s duties are my excuses. BUT, I hope that this post will make up for the silence. Since reading is a … Continue reading

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