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My Strange Way of Living: Tales of Boarding School Life

I’ve been teaching English for thirteen years now. Six of those have been teaching seventh grade English at The Stony Brook School, a day and boarding school. Before coming to this place, I knew very little about boarding schools. I … Continue reading

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August, Again

It’s that time of year. School starts for my family on August 23. Ever since I returned to teaching, I refer to August as a transition month because it contains both summer days and school days. At my house, back-to-school … Continue reading

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The Virtue of Mundane Tasks

I spent part of two days cleaning my kitchen floor last week. The linoleum flooring is ancient and hasn’t looked clean in the five years we have lived in this house. Don’t get me wrong, the floor’s been mopped before, … Continue reading

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A New Year, A New Word

Happy New Year, friends! I took down the last of the outdoor Christmas lights today and saw a school bus rumble past, signaling the end of Christmas Break and the return to normal life. Tomorrow is the start of my … Continue reading

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October Shorts

Ever since I stumbled upon the “short” format for a blog post, I have been hooked—especially during this busy fall season when blog writing takes a back seat. So here goes. Some recommendations and a reflection. __________________________________ Earlier this month … Continue reading

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The End of a Run

Hello, friends! I’m back! I haven’t written anything since August and it feels good to sit in my writing spot this morning with my favorite coffee mug, reflecting on the past few months. A quick recap: During the summer I … Continue reading

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August Reflections

School officially begins August 26; yet, in many ways, I am back to work. I’ve been telling people, “I’ve turned the corner.” Last weekend, while painting the front door, I was consciously aware that the paint brushes and other house … Continue reading

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