April has arrived, signaling spring along with the promise of budding trees and flowering bulbs. Normally, those of us in the northern hemisphere would feel the beginnings of hope, knowing that sooner rather than later, winter would release its hold.

Yet, here we are—gripped by a global pandemic and wondering if the normal we once knew will ever return. The start of spring seems quite insignificant in comparison.

Like you, I’ve had moments of unreality and incomprehension. My mind can hardly absorb the skyrocketing numbers that COVID-19 has wrought. The city that I love to visit and explore is gripped by this virus and I wonder when I will visit NYC again. In the county where I live, the statistics are sobering. As of this writing, 1 in 147 people have tested positive for Coronavirus. The ratio grows smaller every day. 

It would be easy to despair. I confess I have felt fear’s grip more than once. Some days, I know I’m not able to recognize the emotional and psychological toll this experience takes on me. Not sure any of us can, really. A good friend reminded me last week to be gentle with myself. Good words that I need to keep in front of me. None of this is normal. There is no play book. 

I’m grateful for the many writers around the world who are putting the proverbial pen to paper and recording their thoughts during this unprecedented time. Thank you for sharing your words and hearts with the rest of us. They give needed encouragement and perspective. They provide a sense of solidarity. 


Here’s my contribution to the mix: the virtue of mundane tasks. Back in January, I wrote that I would be reposting some of my “best of” pieces throughout 2020. On this Saturday morning and on a day that is often considered a chore day, I decided on this piece. Given that we are mostly home-based these days, it may be helpful to think about our everyday tasks in a fresh light. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic too. Please leave a comment. 

Oh, by the way, my kitchen flooring was replaced in January. I’m happy to have flooring that is up-to-date and much easier to clean!

My new kitchen floor

Blessings to you, readers.

Peace of Christ,


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