img_1548It could be because it is winter. It could be because whatever is “old” is now “new.” Or it could be because cookbook writers and others have been singing the praises of the humble crock pot for the past several years. Whatever the reason, slow cooking is enjoying a revival. The latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens even contains an article about the wonders of slow cooking.

I am the product of a crock-pot-using-mom. In my own family, when I taught in Texas and needed to put dinner on the table every night, the crock pot was a lifesaver, making an appearance most weeks during the school year. These days, my crock pot doesn’t even reside in my kitchen cupboards, claiming precious retail space. I have it tucked away in a makeshift pantry in another room. However, last weekend I pulled it out and used it to cook a sirloin pork roast along with some potatoes and carrots.

It was the best meal I have had in a while.

Over the course of the ten hours or so that the roast cooked, a magical transformation occurred. The result? Meat so tender and so flavorful that it melted in your mouth. The potatoes and carrots were soft, but not mushy, and captured the meaty flavors of the pork roast. My seasonings were simple—a couple of garlic cloves, half an onion, some salt and pepper, and some water to create moisture.

Even better was the low cost of this meal. I bought the meat at Aldi for under five dollars. I can’t remember exactly, but I think it was close to three pounds. Of course, potatoes and carrots are inexpensive food items. To round out the meal, I made biscuits—something else I haven’t fixed for a long time. A simple meal for sure, but so good and perfect for a January winter’s night.


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