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Slow Cooking: A Magical Transformation

It could be because it is winter. It could be because whatever is “old” is now “new.” Or it could be because cookbook writers and others have been singing the praises of the humble crock pot for the past several … Continue reading

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Roasting Vegetables: A Transformation

Who knew that magic happens when you combine an oven, a roasting pan, and some vegetables tossed with olive oil and some salt and pepper. Have some carrots languishing in your crisper? Roast them and find yourself eating them like … Continue reading

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Risotto for Dinner

I made risotto for dinner recently. Standing at the stove, patiently stirring each cupful of broth into the pot, I was reminded why this dish is a pleasure to cook. For me, risotto requires a certain mindset. It is the … Continue reading

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